Brass Moose Knuckles

from by Composted

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The only way to get revenge on pseudo Alpha Male hardcore zealots is to cut off their girlfriends' know what, just read the lyrics. Bench Press Anthem of the Year, 2015.


I went down to a hardcore show to slug some beers and bother chicks I don’t know.
But as soon as I hit the dance floor I saw more fruity kids flailing around than at a Kanye West show

I miss the thrills of impending danger
Kids these days pit like they’re the fucking Pink Ranger

Are my fucking eyes deceiving me?
Whatever happened to honor and unity?
This karate kid shit has turned my sight red
I’m about to rearrange more faces than a Mr. Potato Head

I went down to a hardcore show
Smashing High Life and spitting game to strange hoes
And sure enough the next thing you know
I got their skinny boyfriends throwing limp wrists
Like I’m someone to be fucked with

I miss the thrills of impending danger
Kids these days pit like they’re the fucking Pink Ranger

And for my honor, for my pride; I’m not just gonna kick your ass
I’ll abduct your girlfriend, carve out her hot pocket and dip it in brass
So you can call me crazy or quick to overreact, but I’m still coming full force
And with your girls twat you’ll be whacked

Brass Moose Knuckles are coming your way
You fucked with me now it’s time to pay
I got your girl’s fish flaps fastened to my fists
Blunt force cunnilingus split your lips with her lips (x2)

Once I pluck the sweet meats next to your girl’s anus
I’m molding moose knuckles into weapons quite heinous
Cold blooded psycho wielding pussies dipped in brass
In the hierarchy of foul vengeance I’m at the top of the class (x2)

Went back to that hardcore show
Exacting vengeance the only way that I know
I just turned these kids’ faces into fucking ground beef
With a brass set of sex organs no longer able to queef


from Plump Up The Volume, released April 14, 2015
Lyrics by ED



all rights reserved


Composted Boston, Massachusetts

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